Why Banjo?

We recognise that business is much more than just numbers. At the heart of every business is passion, ideas, self-belief and a vision of the future. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

We provide an alternative source of capital to balance cash flow and enable future growth.

Businesses need capital to grow. But until recently, many small business owners had to resort to credit cards and overdrafts in order to access capital.

Banjo changes all that. By looking at business activity and multiple sources of industry data, not just assets and collateral, we can obtain a better picture of a businesses’ position. As a result, we can approve more loans than many other lenders.

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How we compare to other providers

Compared to credit cards, overdrafts and leasing, Banjo loans are faster, easier to apply for and you’ll always know the costs upfront with no hidden fees. Take a look.

Banjo Working
Capital Loan
/ Bank Loan
Credit Card
24 hour approval & funds in 3 days
Cloud based accounting software integration
Electronic documentation & signing
Know the total repayment upfront & no hidden fees
No collateral required
No deposit
Funds can be used for any business need