Safe & secure

Your security is our top priority.

We've got you covered

Your security is paramount. Banjo is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal and business information. As an Australian financial institution that fully complies with the Australian Privacy Principals (APP), we've gone to extreme lengths to provide peace of mind for you by employing 5 layers of security.


Bank level security

We take the security of your personal and business data extremely seriously. Data is stored with a high level of commercially available encryption which makes your data unreadable even in the unlikely event of security breach.


Pro-active fraud detection

By performing our industry leading identity verification process, we have done what we can to ensure that only you (and your business partners) can access your business details and apply for loans. Approved loans are only paid to the bank account you have nominated as part of importing your business bank statements, thus providing another layer of fraud protection.


Daily security scans & audits

Rigorous daily security scans for malicious activity is done by industry leading security firms such as Norton so you can be sure that interactions on our website are secure.


Physical infrastructure security

All sensitive data is stored within Australia at Microsoft data centres, which have been designed for security from ground up. Microsoft comply to the highest standards of security so you can be sure that your data is safe with us.


Read only access security

Apply for a loan with us knowing that we only have read access to your bank account. We use your bank statement information to analyse your cashflow and we cannot move money from your account. When you import your bank statements, Banjo cannot see or store your internet banking username and password. The credentials you provide permit only one way secure encrypted access to your bank for the purpose of retrieving your bank statements.