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Are you a wholesale investor seeking to invest in a diversified portfolio of loans originated by Banjo? Join Banjo Investors today.

As a loan origination and investment platform, Banjo provides investors access to a private credit strategy in a large pool of short duration high yielding small business loans, an asset class that until now could not be accessed easily. Now you too can diversify your investment portfolio and unlock the benefits of a proven asset class in a low yield environment through marketplace lending.

Why Banjo Investors get a 'Just Brilliant' deal

Solid returns

  • A direct lending fund that provides a medium to high level of fixed income, proving to be attractive to wholesale investors in a low yield environment
  • Flexibility and diversification
  • A large pool of cashflow rich small business loans providing a fixed income investment with returns that are not historically correlated with equities or property, and may provide a good source of diversification
  • Monthly cash flows
  • As borrowers make scheduled direct debit repayments on their loans, you enjoy steady cash flow with predictable monthly principal and interest income.

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